1 year in NHS England & Improvement’s National Patient Safety team

Nearing the end of my first placement

My First Placement Experience

An Average Week on the HR Scheme

Wellbeing and Work/Life Balance

A Week in the life of a Project Manager

The Whirlwind that is Education & HR!

Celebrating Shared Values while Embracing our Differences

‘It’s not about the money, money, money…’

New stream, things not going to plan and the media!

Tips for the online application process

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Applying…

My flexi-placement: The Department of Health and Social Care; Offender Health and High Secure Services Team, Mental Health Policy

Making an Impact in a Limited Time

The whirlwind that is orientation

Grad scheme life: 1 month down and why you should apply

Cyber Security: My Flexi Placement at Department of Health and Social Care

What a year on the grad scheme has taught me

Am I On Board? What happens after the offer?

From student to manager: Don’t let the fear of inadequacy hold you back

You’ve made it onto the scheme… now what?

Reflections on the First Year

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